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The Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel

Published 2012

Don't get caught in the wrong net! There are false preachers with household names who are fishing for men and women to commit to their "gods" and not to the REAL Jesus. It is easy to get snared when our hearts are seeking God for the wrong reasons — and the outcome of our ignorance is death, not life.

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Brought to you by an international team of volunteers, "The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel" is a seven-part MP3 series divided into 8 individual tracks. This series teaches with simplicity and with clarity who the real Jesus is — and the truth of HIS Gospel. It's exciting! It's challenging! And it's convicting! This series includes:

● easy-to-learn basics of the real Gospel that you can apply to your life
● simple-to-understand lessons that are powerfully explained by an inspired teacher
● profoundly detailed content to equip you with the ability to discern truth from false teaching
● mini-teachings on associated subjects interspersed throughout the series
● BOLD — but rational — commentary on controversial topics such as women in ministry

Under God's anointing and with His wisdom and knowledge, Rich Vermillion teaches The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel and explains how we can discern the truth of the Gospel from false and erroneous teaching. He exposes the deceptions and the heresies that are saturating the Christian world today.

The Christian world is flooded with doctrines that claim to stem from the Gospel of Jesus, yet they are in conflict — either obviously or subtly — with Truth of God's Word. The message in this series is simple and yet absolute: it is the fundamental truth of the REAL Gospel taught in a down-to-earth fashion that is easy to relate to and comprehend.

While this series is designed to enlighten the Christian with biblical truth, it firmly confronts several of the false "gospels" as well. Also known as "wolves in sheep's clothing," heretics are exposed as the message of the REAL Gospel is revealed. Beyond this, Rich actually explains how heretics weave their seemingly endless varieties of myths as he teaches how to easily identify the true from the false by providing:

● facts accurately researched for correct Scripture translation
● non-sectarian (non-denominational) instruction from the Bible
● prime examples of some of today's most well-known heretics and heresies
● popular "convenient doctrines," based upon logical fallacies, which false ministers use to ensnare vulnerable Christians

For several years Rich Vermillion has researched the Hebrew and Greek history of the Bible utilizing a library of authentic references and resources. The information gleaned from such intensive study is accurately relayed in this series to enable the listener to gain a fuller meaning of the original scriptures while in their proper historical setting. The cultural background of this time period has been thoroughly investigated and examined as well as the historical premise of the many English Bible translations that are available today. Though this series is "chock full" of meaty scriptural teaching and historical facts, many of them are relayed in such a simple way that even a child could comprehend them.

The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel explains the Gospel that Jesus gave to His apostles and exposes the heretics who are on the prowl to steal this vital truth from Christians. It teaches how Christians can discern the truth from the lies of the false teaching. Consequently, this series offers a refreshing alternative to an allegedly Christian market of "Bible teachings" that focus merely on what people can gain materially from God; on how Christians can improve their self-worth; and how Christians can gain power and fame in this world. It brings diversity to the Christian MP3 market with a complete series on The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel of Jesus.

As this series circulates you can expect the Internet to be flooded with these MP3's because people are tired of being "sold" religious fables by people who only want their money. They are now searching for the truth and this series is like none other before it. Therefore, the people who enjoy it are likely to listen to it again and again because they will want to get a better understanding of this FREE and REAL Gospel. And it's not only taught with enthusiasm and excitement, but also with a touch of humor.

** LICENSE** : The Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel series is ©2012 by Rich Vermillion. However, you may freely redistribute this series for non-commercial purposes under this Creative Commons 3.0 license (see the information on this page for the full details), but only without charge. Also, this series cannot be edited or altered in any way. All other rights are reserved as well.

** BACKGROUND** : Rich Vermillion was joined by an international team of volunteers who assisted him with assembling this MP3 series for your benefit. Freely we have received knowledge of the REAL Gospel from the Lord Jesus through His Word. Please allow us to freely give it to you. (Matthew 10:8)

Though it cost Jesus Christ everything, the REAL Gospel has been given to the world for free. Therefore, the cost of The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel is free. These MP3's are available without charge to anyone and everyone who wants to have them. Simply download them, listen to them, and then share this series with your family and friends. You can even make CD's of this series and pass the message around.

It is the real Gospel, simple and true. And it is FREE! So The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel is a message you simply cannot afford to miss.

** BIOGRAPHY** : Rev. Vermillion has been an ordained Christian minister for over two decades and is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author. He has been featured on multiple television and radio broadcasts around the world. Nevertheless, his eternity-focused goal is simply to please his Lord Jesus Christ by winning souls and serving God's people, through accurate ministry of God's Word.



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Reviewer: Aletha64 - - January 12, 2013
Subject: Laugh, Cry and Shout with Rich!
What is the REAL GOSPEL? How can you distinguish it from the counterfeit gospels being preached today? Paul said in Galatian 1:8-9 "If anyone preaches ANY OTHER gospel than the one THEY (the apostles) preached, they are to be ACCURSED" (sent to eternal punishment). We had better know WHAT the REAL gospel is! With so many voices speaking today, it is a blessing to hear a CLEAR, BIBLICALLY sound voice in Rich Vermillion who is able to skilfully explain and define what the REAL gospel is. He lays a solid foundaion from both history and Scripture and teaches from an open heart, often baring his own heart before us. I laughed with Rich, I cried with him, and I shouted Hallelujah many times as I listened to this awesome series. It is equally valuable to new believers as it is to seasoned, mature ones. And unlike so many "teachers" out there, Rich is not making merchandise of the Body of Christ because he gives it away at no charge. Hearty recommendation!!
Reviewer: YasmeenS - - November 24, 2012
Subject: Sound Doctrine
I appreciate you teaching the body of Christ the fundamentals of sound doctrine! This is so much needed in the church today with the deception that Jesus warns will be in the last days. Thanks Rich for all of your hard work and teaching! I continue to learn from you as always...blessings.
Reviewer: MishelM - - November 12, 2012
Subject: How Refreshing!
I would highly recommend this riveting series. It is not only well researched but is presented in an interesting manner by an obviously gifted communicator. It is a doctrinally sound and cohesive message that will hold your interest while presenting you with the core fundamentals of the true, unadulterated, BIBLICAL Gospel. In this post modern church age which has so twisted and misrepresented the true Gosepl, I find that a series such as this is a gem worth holding on to. I can only hope that there will be more to follow.
Reviewer: VivK - - November 11, 2012
Subject: Very informative and enjoyable
I have to say this is the most comprehensive and enjoyable series I've ever heard on the subject of the gospel. It is obvious that Rich has thoroughly studied and researched this topic, both throughout the Bible itself, but also using other very scripturally reliable resources.

This series will bless you, no matter what spiritual level you are at. He starts very basic, even down to what Bible translations are the most accurate. But by the time you are done with this series, you feel like you have completed a Bible class that has equipped you to share the real Gospel with others.

Please give this MP3 a try. It will certainly be well-worth your time investment. Thank you, Rich, for these. This teaching is so needed in this time when heretics are a dime a dozen.
Reviewer: MrJaybee - - November 2, 2012
Subject: Excellent Series!
Whether you are a babe in Christ or a grizzled vet, you will absolutely enjoy this series on the fundamentals of the Gospel! Rich does an outstanding job of laying a great foundation for the series early on, as will be evidenced as you go further along.

This series is very informative! Some things I knew, some things were brand new to me, some things shed light on questions I had. Rich tells you numerous times not to take his word for it, but to search the scriptures for yourself. He makes it clear that this series is about the basic fundamentals of the Gospel, and not an indepth study, HOWEVER, you feel like it is really indepth.

Rich, please continue to let God use you as you do (this is for everyone involved in the series)...Your wisdom in teaching sound doctrine is needed in these last days.

John Bolton
Reviewer: RonnieDauber - - October 31, 2012
Subject: Finally - the truth about the gospel of Jesus
The Fundamentals of the Real Gospel is a 7-part mp3 series taught by Rev. Rich Vermillion who elaborates on the basics of the gospel according to the Holy Bible. I have listened to many preachers and read dozens of books on the gospel over the years, but this is the first teaching I've ever encountered where the facts are deeply researched and the gospel is explained in an honest, truthful and clear manner - and without opinion, bias or personal benefit to the teacher.

Rev. Vermillion has endured extensive research into the history of the Bible, as well as into the original scriptures and their proper translation. Every fact he presents is totally supported by both Old and New Testament scripture. And, throughout the series he encourages us to not just take his word for what he's saying, but to study the scriptures and see the truth for ourselves. He explains what false doctrine is, how it came about and how we can avoid the trap of falling into its deception.

Even though he's spent months in prayer and preparation with his wife, Donna, he doesn't claim any credit or recognition for the production of this series, and he's giving it away free so that others can know the truth. This is amazing because there are very few - if any - preachers out there who actually give away their work. Most of them charge a fortune or require us to make some kind of painful commitment before we can get anything from them, and that gives me the impression that "God's work" has become "their business" for profit. And if that's the case, I have to wonder just how much of it is really inspired by God? But it appears that the Vermillion's focus is actually seeing souls brought out of the dark and into HIS salvation, and all for HIS glory.

This series of lessons is truly inspired and blessed by the Lord. I encourage everyone to download it and to study the Bible along with Rich so that you can know the truth and serve the Lord with a whole and pure heart. The lessons are dynamic, the narration is easy to follow and simple to understand, and the teacher's sense of humor keeps us tuned in and wanting more of the real gospel of Jesus.
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